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Amy is an amazing massage therapist. She has studied a wide variety of techniques and explains them thoroughly to her clients to help them choose the type of bodywork to suit their needs. I have gone to Amy for Swedish massage, Aviana Life Touch therapy, and Raindrop massage. The bio mat sessions are excellent as well. I also take Amy's yoga classes whenever I can. She cares about her clients and their health, and it shows through her work. Jessica Buck

Little did I realize at the moment it occurred, that the short energy exchange from Amy graciously offering to help relieve a knot in my shoulder one Saturday while she was at the Yoga Studio taking her teacher training classes would such great healings occur. As an EFT/Strategic Intervention Life Focus Coach, light worker, and therapist, I am extremely picky about who I allow to work on me; so when I received the amazing healing energy through Amy around that knot, I knew I had found someone who I would be open to working with me. Amy has a zest for life that is infectious. I have found her to be the balance to my serious nature. When I allow myself to get too caught up in giving to others, Amy gently and sweetly helps me shift back to the playful side I’ve forgotten. I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming Women’s Yoga and Meditation Retreat that is being co-created with Amy as well as some other fun and interesting things coming up in the near future! Faye Nulman

Amy's healing touch, including reiki and relexology along with massage, always does wonders to sooth my sore, overworked muscles. She shares her passion for healing with amazing results.-Mindy-

Yoga is Amy's passion. I have been fortunate enough to attend her classes and watch her practice. She approaches both her personal practice and her teaching with grace and ease. She has the ability to gently coax her beginner students into postures and the knowledge to deepen her more experienced practitioners with the touch of her hand. She walks the walk as well as talks the talk and her influence is felt throughout the community. I teach yoga also. I have been trying to get my 16 yr. old daughter to take a class with her mom for years. I was so grateful this week when she asked me to take her to class. She needed to clarify........"Mom, I want to go to Amy's class".   -Denise-

Amy and I worked together as massage therapists back in 2007, and she also taught yoga on the beach, which I enjoyed every day I could. Amy has a very soothing and calming demeanor, whether it be as a massage therapist, a yoga instructor, or while administering a Reiki session, which I have all experience with her. As soon as I met her, I knew she was someone impassioned with the work she does. That is one reason she is still a part of my life and that I still use her services. Thanks Amy! See you soon! -KH-

I have been a student in Amy's yoga classes and received massage and Reiki
therapy from her. She brings enthusiasm, caring, and skill to each of these
healing endeavors. Thanks Amy.  -Kevin M. Kobylski-

Last month I threw out my back while moving furniture.  My low back was in real bad shape - sitting, standing, sleeping - it all hurt.  It was almost impossible to get through the day.  Past experiences with chiropractors taught me that this would take some time and many adjustments before I could resume my normal daily activities.  This time I saw Amy instead.  After a one-hour massage, I could not believe the difference.  Immediately, I was able to stand straighter and walk without so much difficulty.  I got a restful sleep that night.  One hour with Amy made me so much more comfortable.  She accomplished more in one session than any chiropractor could do in numerous visits.  She is very professional and has a great sense of the body.  I would recommend her therapeutic services to anyone.  RZ

Beautiful setting; therapist very knowledgable and listens to your needs-anonymous groupon client

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