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Essential oils are the most concentrated herbal medicine on the planet!  They can help ease our emotions, our tummy upsets, our hormones....many of them have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterail qualities as well.

I sell and use Doterra oils-the finest on the planet, tested 9 times by independent labs, and made from plant material that is grown in it's natural habitat.  Please visit the website to see our wide array of offerings from pure single oils, to blends, to soaps and body products and vitamins:)

I also sell my own blends on my etsy store  Here you will find blends to make you smile, to help chase away monsters from your little ones rooms (and help them sleep and have sweet dreams-and a sense of power!), blends to help you sleep too!  I also offer distance healing-reiki from afar!

Let me know if I can help guide your purchases in any way or if you just have questions about how to incorporate essential oils into your life!


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